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We feel that life is a rich tapestry of events, emotions, and tales ready to be recounted at Tangle Tales. Our blog is all about sharing tales and useful tips about all aspects of life. We discuss everyday issues, how to take responsibility for your mental health, how to have happy and healthy children, and even fascinating stuff like hypnosis. We’re here to help you decode the complexities of life and make things a little clearer.

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Deep Dives into Psychology

From foundational theories to the latest research, we explore psychology's key terms and concepts with clarity and depth. Our blogs aim to enrich your understanding, whether you're a student, professional, or simply curious about the workings of the mind.

Daily Human Concerns

Life's challenges are universal yet uniquely personal. We tackle a wide range of human concerns, offering practical advice, psychological insights, and a compassionate perspective to help you navigate the complexities of everyday living.


Have you ever been fascinated by hypnotism? We look at what it is and how it may assist individuals in unexpected ways.

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We foster a culture of curiosity and continuous learning. We believe every question is worth exploring, and every answer is a step towards greater understanding.

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